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Why hello, whoever you may be.
You may ask why this blog is entirely written in English, even though it is hosted by a German website. Well, it just is. The owner of this blog is further described in the link below the one you just clicked, so that might explain things a little better than this little passage.  

Anyway, this blog exists simply because the owner has found in it a way to record certain events in her life and to share them with her friends, who are spread out over multiple countries and continents. Since this is a public blog, there is nothing scandalous, illegal, or too personal to be found in these posts, so if that's what you're here for, it will be a waste of precious time for you.

However, if you feel like leaving a comment in the guest book, feel free to do so, in any language and context you wish.

Name: Rica
Age: 17
High School Student
Grade 12
Blond hair, blue eyes
Jeder Funke vermag ein Feuer zu entfachen.