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[July 11, 2010] [22:33] [--] "Youth Experiencing Seniors", also known as YES, seems to be the name of the business our group has been so desperate to create during the past two weeks here. The wrongness of it definitely gave everyone in our immediate vicinity a great laugh. Michelle is currently trying to actually convince me of using this name, and Sean, one of the PA's, is yelling across the room about it being almost eleven. Therefore, I have to go. What an enlightening blog entry. I fail at coding blogs.
12.7.10 04:53


Shad Valley.

[June 30, 2010]
[5:52 PM]

So, I have safely arrived here at Shad. Actually, I got here on Sunday, but I really haven`t had much time to write (and these keyboards are stupid, so the apostrophes look weird.)
So, what have I done so far... I attended a bunch of seminars, on aging, mapping, communication, project management, information research and presentation, a corporate overview, and human rights in Canada. We had some great debates over some human rights situations, which were awesomely awesome! We spend most of our time in Rez or in the POP (Pavillon Optique-Photonique) where most of our seminars and conferences take place.
We eat three times a day, ungodly amounts. Thankfully, there is salad and fruit.
The people are amazing, however. Everybody`s smart and involved and motivated, and even while I`m sitting here in the lab right now, most are talking about IB exams and playing different math games on the web. I love it here, it`s exactly my kind of environment (:
I guess the "theme" of this year`s Shad is going to be announced soon, and based on that theme, we have to be separated into groups and come up with a business plan, plus an invention. I believe that`s how it goes.
And I got into a committee that is in charge of painting a mural. All buildings of the Uni Laval campus are connected by underground tunnels, and each year, the Shads paint a mural in the tunnel leading from the POP to the residence. I`ll make sure to post pictures of the finished product when it`s done and I`m back home.
The awesome thing is that we have an hour of free time nearly every day, of which I spend most in the computer lab. I wish the keys to the piano room were accessible already....
So, left on the schedule for today is some physical activity and two more seminars, which are going to last about three hours in total.

1.7.10 00:11

Just as beautiful as you are.

[Wednesday, June 24, 2010]
[8:20 AM]
[10 Years - Beautiful]

Well, it's prom day, and the poor graduates will have to put up with some rain, it seems. I'll still be there to take pictures and congratulate eveybody, though, and I'm pretty excited for it (:

Well, on Monday night, Jessica had a little dinner party at her house in honour of Chelsey's graduation. Of course, I went, and saw Chelsey and Hayley again for the first time in what seemed like forever. Everybody was in a great mood, we played Apples to Apples, ate some delicious lasagna, danced to "All the Young Dudes," socialized about pretty much everything, and had Jake entertain us with Beatles songs on his guitar. It was a pretty awesome night (:

Fun times (: But aside from going to see prom at around six, I have nothing particularly planned for today. I'll probably go read a little and sip hot chocolate at some point.

Zai mei bian luo hua si xue fen fen mian mian shei ren lian ♫
23.6.10 08:36

One week left.

[Sunday, June 20, 2010]
[7:00 PM]
[Amon Tobin - Bloodstone]

Yep, it's only one week until I'll be standing in the entrance of Uni Laval to meet my fellow Shads. I am getting more excited and nervous every day, but I'm sure my worries won't be justified; all the kids I've seen in the Facebook-group seem like the nicest people in the world (: And besides, they're all around my age, grades 10 to 12, so we probably won't be too different from each other.

I spent most of today cleaning my room, doing laundry, and packing the first things into my huge blue suitcase. It's funny to think that I'll have my current life packed away in there...

Recording went very well yesterday. With that being the last weekend to do recording, Matte and I decided to have one last session on Thursday after the Grad ceremony, just to finish it up before I leave. What we have so far is amazing, in my eyes... and quite different from my two previous recordings.

And, well, the weather is ticking me off a little bit... there was a thunderstorm this morning, and now it's just drizzly and muggy, which means I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hang my laundry up.

But I'm done complaining. I'll finish up cleaning and then I'll make supper. For myself, since Mom won't be back until very late.

21.6.10 20:07

When the lights go down low...

[Friday, June 18, 2010]
[11:08 PM]
[The 69 Eyes - Night Watch]

It's been quite a while, hasn't it... one whole semester plus four days, to be exact.
Yeah, I'm not even going to try to make up excuses, even though I have been very busy, lazy, apathetic and a few other things.
But man, I am officially done grade 11! I wrote my last exam today (math) and I thought I did alright. Some of the level 1 questions screwed me up, about maximizing profit. But that's what you get when you voluntarily make it harder than you need to.
Mr. Woodcock gave me my English exam mark... drumroll please.
96%! 122.5 out of 128. Just like last semester, I completely aced it, especially the huge essay at the end (a literary essay this time, about general truths in Macbeth and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.)

But you know what's even better?! Shad Valley is right around the corner!
Since I probably haven't explained it much, I will now.
It's pretty much a four-week enrichment programme, including seminars, experiments, presentations, and all that fun stuff. So I'll be with a bunch of awesome nerds for four entire weeks, and it will be amazing! I just finished my last little sheet of paperwork I had to send in for it (oh my, did they ever send a LOT...) and next Sunday, I will be dropped off at the entrace of Uni Laval to meet the other 49 Shads. Me = excited to the max.

Also, I have recording to do tomorrow (and, hopefully, to FINISH) and I will go see all the seniors at prom on Wednesday. And, of course, the Graduation Ceremony... I've been looking forward to it all year, just like every year.

Oh, you wanna see what I did to my hair a couple months ago?

I dig it, even though it's already halfway grown out. That was my first time ever trying something with hair dye though, so I'm quite satisfied (and no, I did not do it myself.)

Oh, did I mention that I have received an offer for an internship this Summer? It's at McCain's, and I am VERY happy about it! I've already gone there for a tour, and I guess I'll be working in the lab, for 10$ an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And at the end of the internship, I'll have to do a presentation for three or four high-degree scientists, and I am scared.

But, honestly, enough for now, I'm falling asleep in my chair.
Like I said, recording tomorrow. Yayness <3

19.6.10 23:26

One down, four to go.

I just made it back home safely through the somewhat freezing rain after my French exam at nine, and I am quite convinced that I aced it. I might have screwed up on one question, but my intuition should have conjugated all verbs corretly (;

The reason for why I'm feeling a little gloomy is quite a different one; Jasper, our best German exchange student ever, left us this morning ): He should actually be in Moncton right now, getting ready to board the plane. However, he invited a few of us over this morning before exams to say goodbye, so Alexandria, Nils, Shane, and I got up way too early and drove out to his place. We had breakfast with him and Cora, some quite amusing conversations, and then took a few pictures. I'm missing him already, and I surely am hoping that he'll get home safely.
I had the smell of bacon on my sweater during the whole exam, though. I thought that was rather disgusting.

Well, after this rather sad and uneventful morning, I will need to get the definitions for English into my head. And then I've got to study hardcore for Chemistry and Physics... this week will not be fun.

Here are a couple of pictures from this morning:

And a few ones from his going away party last Friday:

25.1.10 12:34

Fröhöliche Weihnacht!

[Friday, December 25, 2009]
[12:02 PM]
[Subway to Sally - So Rot]

And another Christmas has passed, and I wonder if I'm the only one who loves reading Facebook statuses on Christmas Day.
Well, because I had been forced by my mother to 'maintain our German traditions', we celebrated 'Heiligabend' on the 24th, with lots of candles, presents, and champagne (: My grandparents also called earlier that day, and apparently, they're planning to fly us in next year. It's been about 5 years since my last time I've spent Christmas in Germany, so the level of excitement is definitely ascending (:

As for presents, I got mainly books and socks, which are pretty much the two best things one could give me... aside from the very painful present that I gave to myself:

I'm not talking about the earrings... I mean the double-Industrial, which hurt and hurts like a female dog. It cost me 40 dollars, and it always surprises me how ironic it is to pay somebody who will stick a needle through you. But hey, it's all worth it, and I'm loving the result.

And that's about it for updates. The main reason for writing this entry is to kill time, as Mom is making something fabulous for lunch. (: After that, I will take a quick shower and then head to Nackawic, where I am invited for Christmas Dinner later on tonight. So it looks like it'll be a fun-filled day.
Here are some more pictures of last night, mainly to show off my mother's cooking abilities:

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