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[Friday, December 25, 2009]
[12:02 PM]
[Subway to Sally - So Rot]

And another Christmas has passed, and I wonder if I'm the only one who loves reading Facebook statuses on Christmas Day.
Well, because I had been forced by my mother to 'maintain our German traditions', we celebrated 'Heiligabend' on the 24th, with lots of candles, presents, and champagne (: My grandparents also called earlier that day, and apparently, they're planning to fly us in next year. It's been about 5 years since my last time I've spent Christmas in Germany, so the level of excitement is definitely ascending (:

As for presents, I got mainly books and socks, which are pretty much the two best things one could give me... aside from the very painful present that I gave to myself:

I'm not talking about the earrings... I mean the double-Industrial, which hurt and hurts like a female dog. It cost me 40 dollars, and it always surprises me how ironic it is to pay somebody who will stick a needle through you. But hey, it's all worth it, and I'm loving the result.

And that's about it for updates. The main reason for writing this entry is to kill time, as Mom is making something fabulous for lunch. (: After that, I will take a quick shower and then head to Nackawic, where I am invited for Christmas Dinner later on tonight. So it looks like it'll be a fun-filled day.
Here are some more pictures of last night, mainly to show off my mother's cooking abilities:

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