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[Friday, June 18, 2010]
[11:08 PM]
[The 69 Eyes - Night Watch]

It's been quite a while, hasn't it... one whole semester plus four days, to be exact.
Yeah, I'm not even going to try to make up excuses, even though I have been very busy, lazy, apathetic and a few other things.
But man, I am officially done grade 11! I wrote my last exam today (math) and I thought I did alright. Some of the level 1 questions screwed me up, about maximizing profit. But that's what you get when you voluntarily make it harder than you need to.
Mr. Woodcock gave me my English exam mark... drumroll please.
96%! 122.5 out of 128. Just like last semester, I completely aced it, especially the huge essay at the end (a literary essay this time, about general truths in Macbeth and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.)

But you know what's even better?! Shad Valley is right around the corner!
Since I probably haven't explained it much, I will now.
It's pretty much a four-week enrichment programme, including seminars, experiments, presentations, and all that fun stuff. So I'll be with a bunch of awesome nerds for four entire weeks, and it will be amazing! I just finished my last little sheet of paperwork I had to send in for it (oh my, did they ever send a LOT...) and next Sunday, I will be dropped off at the entrace of Uni Laval to meet the other 49 Shads. Me = excited to the max.

Also, I have recording to do tomorrow (and, hopefully, to FINISH) and I will go see all the seniors at prom on Wednesday. And, of course, the Graduation Ceremony... I've been looking forward to it all year, just like every year.

Oh, you wanna see what I did to my hair a couple months ago?

I dig it, even though it's already halfway grown out. That was my first time ever trying something with hair dye though, so I'm quite satisfied (and no, I did not do it myself.)

Oh, did I mention that I have received an offer for an internship this Summer? It's at McCain's, and I am VERY happy about it! I've already gone there for a tour, and I guess I'll be working in the lab, for 10$ an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And at the end of the internship, I'll have to do a presentation for three or four high-degree scientists, and I am scared.

But, honestly, enough for now, I'm falling asleep in my chair.
Like I said, recording tomorrow. Yayness <3

19.6.10 23:26


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