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One week left.

[Sunday, June 20, 2010]
[7:00 PM]
[Amon Tobin - Bloodstone]

Yep, it's only one week until I'll be standing in the entrance of Uni Laval to meet my fellow Shads. I am getting more excited and nervous every day, but I'm sure my worries won't be justified; all the kids I've seen in the Facebook-group seem like the nicest people in the world (: And besides, they're all around my age, grades 10 to 12, so we probably won't be too different from each other.

I spent most of today cleaning my room, doing laundry, and packing the first things into my huge blue suitcase. It's funny to think that I'll have my current life packed away in there...

Recording went very well yesterday. With that being the last weekend to do recording, Matte and I decided to have one last session on Thursday after the Grad ceremony, just to finish it up before I leave. What we have so far is amazing, in my eyes... and quite different from my two previous recordings.

And, well, the weather is ticking me off a little bit... there was a thunderstorm this morning, and now it's just drizzly and muggy, which means I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hang my laundry up.

But I'm done complaining. I'll finish up cleaning and then I'll make supper. For myself, since Mom won't be back until very late.

21.6.10 20:07


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