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[Wednesday, June 24, 2010]
[8:20 AM]
[10 Years - Beautiful]

Well, it's prom day, and the poor graduates will have to put up with some rain, it seems. I'll still be there to take pictures and congratulate eveybody, though, and I'm pretty excited for it (:

Well, on Monday night, Jessica had a little dinner party at her house in honour of Chelsey's graduation. Of course, I went, and saw Chelsey and Hayley again for the first time in what seemed like forever. Everybody was in a great mood, we played Apples to Apples, ate some delicious lasagna, danced to "All the Young Dudes," socialized about pretty much everything, and had Jake entertain us with Beatles songs on his guitar. It was a pretty awesome night (:

Fun times (: But aside from going to see prom at around six, I have nothing particularly planned for today. I'll probably go read a little and sip hot chocolate at some point.

Zai mei bian luo hua si xue fen fen mian mian shei ren lian ♫
23.6.10 08:36


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