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[June 30, 2010]
[5:52 PM]

So, I have safely arrived here at Shad. Actually, I got here on Sunday, but I really haven`t had much time to write (and these keyboards are stupid, so the apostrophes look weird.)
So, what have I done so far... I attended a bunch of seminars, on aging, mapping, communication, project management, information research and presentation, a corporate overview, and human rights in Canada. We had some great debates over some human rights situations, which were awesomely awesome! We spend most of our time in Rez or in the POP (Pavillon Optique-Photonique) where most of our seminars and conferences take place.
We eat three times a day, ungodly amounts. Thankfully, there is salad and fruit.
The people are amazing, however. Everybody`s smart and involved and motivated, and even while I`m sitting here in the lab right now, most are talking about IB exams and playing different math games on the web. I love it here, it`s exactly my kind of environment (:
I guess the "theme" of this year`s Shad is going to be announced soon, and based on that theme, we have to be separated into groups and come up with a business plan, plus an invention. I believe that`s how it goes.
And I got into a committee that is in charge of painting a mural. All buildings of the Uni Laval campus are connected by underground tunnels, and each year, the Shads paint a mural in the tunnel leading from the POP to the residence. I`ll make sure to post pictures of the finished product when it`s done and I`m back home.
The awesome thing is that we have an hour of free time nearly every day, of which I spend most in the computer lab. I wish the keys to the piano room were accessible already....
So, left on the schedule for today is some physical activity and two more seminars, which are going to last about three hours in total.

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